Acknowledgements — A Note of Thanks

These draft introductory level Tools of Engagement modules could not have been developed without the contribution of many people. I would like to acknowledge those contributions.

Thanks to Pennie Foster-Fishman, Shari Dann, Robin Miller, David Cooper, John Beck, Geoffrey Habron, Cathleen McGreal, Bob Church, Jan Bokemeier, and Cheri Booth for helping us think about the scope and depth of this project.

Thanks to Scott Yoder, Shawn Batt, and Laura Delind, our colleagues from the new Residential College for providing monthly curriculum content input.

Thanks to John Dowell and his Winter 2007 Writing 135 students for allowing us to pilot the modules in their class and for providing us feedback.

Thanks to Celeste Sturdevant Reed, John Melcher, Dave Knaggs, Laura Bates, Julie Hagstrom, Tom Emling, and Cathy Gibson, our UOE colleagues who helped shape the early concepts behind these modules.

Thanks to Peggy Roberts and Vince Delgado, our community partners who infused a community perspective into the modules.

Thanks to Dozier Thornton for his ongoing critique and refinement of the module content.

Thanks to Nicole Springer, Jason Almerigi, and Kevin Schwemmin, the core of our production team who produced and pilot taught most of these materials.

Thanks to Deb Sleight for providing our curriculum design framework and for herding us cats on the production team.

Thanks to Mike Elledge who helped us understand online usability and accessibility issues.

Many, many thanks to Karen McKnight Casey, her social capital brought all the pieces of the project together; her vision and expertise (and many stories) was our guiding light on the production team.

A special thanks to Pat Farrell for providing the right input, the right nudges at the right time. It's a special form of leadership.

And finally, thanks to Ghada Georgis, Brad Smith, Carl Raymond, and Adina Huda for translating the module content from "paper" to digital format. You are the magic makers!

  • Bob Brown
  • Project Facilitator
  • June 6, 2007