The Curriculum

Getting Started

The Tools of Engagement (ToE) are a series of modules designed for undergraduate students at Michigan State University. There are 6 modules in total. Your instructor may ask you to do all the modules in consecutive order or s/he may ask you to only do certain modules.

To get the most out of these modules, we encourage you to critically reflect on the content and try to apply it to your personal experience. Although we provide you with concrete examples that illustrate complex concepts, your learning will be greatly enhanced if you apply the concepts to your experience.

Why Learn About Community Engagement?

Outreach and engagement at Michigan State University are an integral component of its mission. MSU has shared its knowledge resources for the public good from its inception, linking campus and community through applied research, technical assistance, and instructional programs.

We believe that community engagement benefits both community and campus partners. Communities can benefit from working with MSU by having access to its vast resources, including faculty's specialized expertise in research and evaluation. For faculty, it allows them to be more actively engaged in society and provides them with new information for publications and other communications that reflect the realities outside the laboratory.

For students, the new generation of scholars, we believe that community engagement enhances your academic knowledge because it allows you to explore more deeply the issues you learn about in your coursework. You can also develop personal, professional, leadership, and citizenship skills, and contribute economically and socially.